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John 3:16 for the Simuelue

Simuelue is an island in Indonesia of 93,000 people.

The Joshua project estimates that they are 99.99% Muslim. In the beautiful island climate, they make a living from fishing, farming, and trade.

New Hope for the Simeulue

She grew up on Simuelue Island. Her family farms coffee beans. She is Muslim, and prays 5 times a day.

Her generation has smartphones. They are getting on Google, and searching for their island, and their language.

They were about to discover something shocking!

9,200 miles away, our missionary Andrew Olson had just met someone from the island, named "Abdul" (pseudonym). Together, they translated a draft of John 3:16 into the Simeulue language.

It was the first Bible verse they ever had.

Soon after making a recording, it was uploaded to YouTube. .... and the funny thing is... people started watching it...!

But who were these people? Who was watching the video?

It was Simeulue speakers, searching Google with their smartphones. Hearing the words... "God so loved the world."

Strangely though. This news didn't come in a foreign language like most news did. Instead, in their very own tongue. In the language of their home, and community, Simuelue.

The story doesn't end there.

It's only just the beginning.

As of the time of this writing, Abdul is preparing to enter a contract with members of the Wycliffe Global Alliance to begin translating even more of God's Word into this language. They are excited to learn more about this "God who so loved the world."

We give thanks to God for this new beginning, and for the Simeulue Scriptures which are now underway. Although this people is 99.99% Muslim, there's now an open door for the gospel here.

God loves the Simuelue, and His voice is now heard by them.

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