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A Note from our CEO:

Our goal with the BibleCoins is to give donors an opportunity to sponsor a
John 3:16 translation of their own. Jesus taught us to store up eternal treasures in heaven, instead of earthly treasure. Although the coin isn't made of precious metal, the Word of God---which it sponsors---will endure forever. 

It is, in itself, treasure in heaven. 

Our hopes is that families will purchase a coin, look up the number of the people group, and pray for the salvation of souls in these places. Pray for Gospel work to begin. Pray that the seeds planted there will bear fruit.

When we pray, God-sized things happen.

- Andy Olson, CEO
They Need the Bible


All Bible-Coin purchasers will receive a tax-receipt for $685.
(Following IRS guidelines to deduct the cost of the coin and shipping)


Purchase one BibleCoin


Available Now.
To purchase a Bible-Coin, send a $700 gift. We'll interpret that as a sponsorship.

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